Mountain Bike facilities

To label a facility 'A Mountain bike facility',  requires much more explaination than would first appear apparent. Over the past 20 years, Mountain Biking has evolved into many varied disciplines, all requiring different types of facilities and different areas of expertise. It has also turned into a multi million dollar industry that spans most every country in the world.

Common to all MTB facilities should be sustainability, consideration and cohesion with it's environment, techinical features that are suited to the specific MTB discipline that the facility is catering for and a well founded approach to Risk Management. 

At Dirtz we have built all of the varying MTB facilities, 4X, XC/Endurance and DH. Like all of our facilities we are the most affordable and apply comprehensive testing to get things right. We designed and constructed the award winning Western Sydney Parklands, 'Wylde MTB park' which caters for riders of all ages and experiences. 

If you think it can't be done ...call us first. 

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