Pumptracks & Urban Bike Parks

Throughout the many off road cycling facilities we have designed and built here at Dirtz, we have often found that it is not a competitive facility that a group or community is best served by but simply a fun place for youth and their families to ride at. We at Dirtz consider our Recreational Bicycle park designs cutting edge. They are designed to cater for young novice riders right through to experienced Pro riders. More than this they are designed to entertain day after day which is what communities are really looking for when building a cycling facility. The recent addition of Asphalt Pump Tracks has seen the humble Urban Bike Park catapulted into the lime light as the preferred option for many communities and Councils. Pumptracks require an experienced company to create a facility that is safe and enjoyable. 

Each design is unique to it's location, so contact us and we will see if we can help you. 


Review on 'The Scar' Pocket 'Jump' park, Queanbeyan. Reckon we hit the mark on this  one ...something for every level of rider.  'The Scar' Jump Park review

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